The course tuition includes instruction, course materials in the form of PDF documents, spreadsheets and/or source code and email discussions with the instructor. A course is composed of biweekly (i.e. every two weeks) lessons which include a PDF document and possible additional material (spreadsheets and/or source code) along with instructions. These documents are typically sent to registered students by email on a Monday. Registered students can send questions via email to the instructor at any time and the instructor usually responds within 24 hours. If the answer can be beneficial to the whole group, it is shared with all registered students from the class via a mailing list where the identity of all students remains anonymous.

All course materials provided to registered students remain the sole property of Simon Banville. No part of any course materials may be reproduced, transmitted or shared in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, or translated into any language without the prior written permission of Simon Banville.

At least one survey will be sent to registered students during the duration of the course to collect information on their level of satisfaction. The information collected will only be used by the instructor to improve its teaching methods and will not be openly shared. Students are encouraged to send feedback to the instructor at any moment if they are not fully satisfied with the lessons content and/or delivery. If deemed acceptable by the instructor, adjustments will be made to accommodate the students’ suggestions.

If a course is postponed or cancelled by the instructor, we will credit 100% of any prepaid course tuition fees paid against a future course or, if requested, refund those fees. Refer to the "Return Policy" for client cancellation.

Identifiable information (Personal Information) is collected when you enroll in one of our courses, send us registration over the Internet, or mail or contact us through the Internet. This information may include your name, job title, organization information, contact information, and payment information (such as credit card). Your Personal Information will only be used for the specific purpose for which you submitted the Personal Information and will not be distributed to third parties.

These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and changes will apply to any enrolment/course order received after the date of the change. These terms and conditions may not be varied except in a written agreement signed by Simon Banville.