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07. September 2019
While writing my ION GNSS+ 2019 paper, I realized I should use some sort of checklist to ensure that my work meets basic quality requirements. I may sound like I have been brainwashed by ISO certification but, especially as a reviewer, I wish everybody would follow this checklist to the letter. This is still work in progress, so if you can contribute further advice, please feel free to leave a comment!
13. May 2016
I have had enough with the peer-review process, both as a reviewer and as an author. If you Google “alternatives to peer review,” you will see that I am not alone. There were many ideas proposed and even implemented to mitigate the pitfalls of this outdated approach. My goal here is not to analyze these methods, but only to rant about my experience with peer-review ineffectiveness in the world of GNSS.