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25. April 2015
Ambiguity resolution and validation are perhaps the most popular GNSS-related research topics. A plethora of methods were developed for this purpose such as the popular ratio test, the difference test, the projector test, the W-test, etc. However, the techniques that worked for short-baseline RTK don’t perform as well for long-baseline RTK or PPP.
29. March 2015
The Least-squares AMBiguity Decorrelation Adjustment (LAMBDA) method [Teunissen, 1993] is an essential tool in my software. Prior to LAMBDA, finding the “best” integer ambiguity vector was a very computationally-intensive process. The decorrelation procedure of LAMBDA allows for an efficient search to be performed and has become widely accepted in the GNSS community. A faster search process does not however mean a shorter time to resolve ambiguities...